The Company


OpenIT is a dynamically growing company, founded in 2008, aiming at providing high quality services and products in the field of Information Technology and Telecommunications.

OpenIT offers state-of-the-art software development services tailored to the needs of each customer at every stage of a software lifecycle: from idea, analysis of requirements and production of prototypes to creation and development of an integrated solution.
The main areas of activity of the company are:
• business software development
• Android and iOS mobile apps development
• e-learning applications development
• integration of IoT solutions.

At the same time, the development of innovative products for various sectors of economic activity in Greece and Europe, such as (ecommerce platform for photographers), (digital signage platform for online advertising material management), press) and (mobile applications for hotels) proves the company's target of providing solutions directly to the general public.

OpenIT also has experience in IoT technology solutions. Its Research & Innovation department has participated in the development of the prototype of Openichnos, an energy autonomous global tracking and IoT gateway for the yacht charter industry.

OpenIT also has significant experience in collaborative research and education on service systems. The constant cooperation of OpenIT executives with leading research laboratories and recognized research excellence teams worldwide has been established in recent years through its participation in a significant number of projects and programs under Horizon2020 and the GSRT invitations, while enabling the development of new products, as derivatives of research and innovation that are applied daily to them.